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L2 Light Bulb Camera·

L2 Light Bulb Camera·

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Color White

WiFi 2.4GHz

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Enhanced Home Security with Smart AI Human Detection

Experience the peace of mind with our AI-powered security camera. Its advanced human detection technology accurately identifies human presence, significantly reducing false alarms by 95%. Stay informed and safe, knowing you'll only be alerted when it truly matters.

Vibrant Nights with Starlight Color Night Vision

Illuminate the darkness like never before with our cutting-edge security camera, featuring Starlight Color Night Vision. Equipped with a powerful starlight sensor, our device captures crystal-clear, full-color images even in the faintest lighting conditions. Rest assured, whether it's day or night, you'll experience unparalleled visibility and security for your home.

Crystal-Clear Clarity with 4 Million Pixels

Elevate your home security with our 4-million-pixel camera, setting a new benchmark in image clarity. Far surpassing standard home cameras, it captures every detail with stunning sharpness and clarity. Experience the difference that high-resolution surveillance can make in safeguarding your home and loved ones.

Brighten and Secure Your Space with Our Spotlight Camera Bulb

Transform the way you light and protect your home with our innovative camera bulb, featuring a powerful 350-lumen spotlight. Not only does it function as an efficient light source, but it also serves as a vigilant eye, seamlessly blending home security with everyday practicality. Illuminate your space with confidence and clarity, day and night.

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L2 Camera

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