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F1 Security Cameras

F1 Security Cameras

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Multi-View Monitoring for Comprehensive Coverage

Enhance your surveillance capabilities with our camera's multi-view feature. Easily monitor up to nine camera feeds simultaneously on your computer, provided all cameras are our products. This capability ensures you have comprehensive coverage of your property, giving you a complete picture of your security landscape. Stay informed and in control with our advanced multi-view technology.

Streamlined Surveillance with Multi-Camera Viewing

Effortlessly monitorup to nine of our cameras on one screen for complete property oversight. Thisfeature offers a comprehensive view of your space, ensuring maximum security with minimal effort. Enhance your safety, simplify your monitoring.

Stay Alert with Advanced Motion Detection

Our camera's motion detection feature brings you peace of mind by instantly notifying you of any movement in it; view. Stay connected and protected, as it diligently watches over your home and sends alerts directly to you when motion is detected. Secure your space and safeguard vour loved ones with reliable, real-time notifications

Share Your Security with Up to 20 Family Members

Our camera's video sharing feature strengthens your family's safety network. You can effortlessly share live video access with up to 20 family members, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected. Embrace a collaborative approach to home security, where every member plays a part in safeguarding your shared space.

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Step 1

Install and Sign up with the app.

Step 2

Tap on the Add device

Step 3

Choose “Video Surveillance” and then “F1”

Step 4

Use the video guide to configure the cameras

Step 5

Enter the password of your Wi-Fi

Step 6

Scan the QR code till a prompt opens

Step 7

Wait for a few seconds till the connection forms

Step 8

Congrats, the device has been added

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F1 Camera

USB Cable

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Power Adapter

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