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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t connect the camera to my phone.

If your camera is light bulb camera, please follow steps below.

1.Use your phone to connect your wifi

2.Move camera closer to your router, reset the camera. 

Reset: Hold and press the reset button for 6 seconds until you hear 3 ding ding ding sounds. Not 1, not 2, it is 3

3.Open LaView app, click the top right blue + icon to add device

4.Select L2-2.4Ghz icon, if your light bulb camera is the 5G version, select L2-5G/2.4Ghz icon

5.Click the ‘Next’ button 3 times, and input wifi password on your phone and click ‘‘Next’‘.

(the wifi name will be recognized automatically, no need to input it by yourself)

6.Then a QR code will appear on your phone, put your phone in front of the camera, let the camera scans the QR code. If you hear 3 ding ding ding sound, click 'I Heard a prompt'

7.Wait for the camera to be online. 

(during the connecting process, indicator light on the camera will flash quickly, and if the camera is online, the light will be solid)

How to share the camera to other phones/persons.

1.Enter the live stream of the camera you would like to share.

2.Tap the top right corner and find 'Share Device'.

3.Add sharing.

4.Then you can share the  camera by inputting his/her LaView account (he/she need to sign up an account first)

5.Or you can share the camer by sending a link to others.  (Other person needs to click that link)

How to connect my LaView camera to Alexa

Please follow this instruction to set up the Alexa integration.Currently, all  LaView cameras can be  connected to Alexa.  Please follow this instruction  to set up the Alexa 

1. Open LaView app and  change an appropriate name  for your devices which will be used in "LaView" skills;
2. Download Amazon "Alexa" app;

3. Configure Echo with "Alexa" app;

4. Search "LaView" skill from  the "Alexa" app skills category; Ensure you are  using the correct Alexa skill to set up LaView  camera with Amazon Alexa  Devices. Please  search 'LaView' in Amazon Skill store or click this link.  (Please do not use 'LaView ONE' skill as it is  not  compatible).

5. Click Enable skill of "LaView", and you'll be  navigated to LaView login  page;

6. Input your LaView account username and  password, you'll be redirect to the success  page;

7. Now all setup is finished. You can enjoy the voice  control on your home devices  like these:“Alexa,Show me the camera"

How to set the camera to record videos.

1.Cloud Storage: There are event recording or continuous recording plans. Open LaView app, click the bottom right button ‘Me’, click the ‘Cloud Pro+’, and you can choose the plan that meet your need according to your camera amount and recording mode.
2.SD card record: if you  insert an 32-128 GB SD card into the  camera, you can enter live  view, click the top right  corner button, choose  ‘Storage Settings’, click  Recording Mode, choose No-stop record or Event recording.