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Y2 White Noise Machine

Y2 White Noise Machine

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Wake Up Naturally with Our White Noise Light

Experience a serene start and end to your day with our White Noise Light, designed to mimic the sun's rising and setting light patterns. This innovative feature gently wakes you up by gradually increasing brightness, and aids in natural sleep by softly dimming, creating a peaceful transition between wakefulness and sleep. Embrace a healthier, more natural sleep cycle with our soothing light solution.

Soothing Sounds for a Gentle Awakening with Our White Noise Light

Elevate your waking experience with our White Noise Light, offering 25 natural sound effects for a gentle, soothing start to your day. From the tranquil chirping of birds to the calming sound of ocean waves, choose your ideal nature-inspired ambiance to wake up refreshed and relaxed. Let our light guide you to a peaceful morning with the perfect blend of light and sound.

White Noise Rhythm Light

  • 25 Naturally Sound
  • 8 Rhythm Light Theme

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