Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Home security goes beyond the physical gadgets and systems that you have in place. Sure, our WiFi Security Cameras and Video Doorbells do a great job of providing you an instant view of your home. This is a huge step in the right direction for improving your home security and making a safer environment for your family.

This is only half the battle. The other important aspect of home security cameras is data storage and management.

That’s where our cloud storage comes into play. We provide 4 affordable tiers for cloud subscriptions.

Let us walk you through the advantages of cloud, how it works, and what it means for your LaView USA home WiFi cameras.

Check cloud storage package pricing or read on to learn more about the service!


30-Day Free Cloud Storage Trial

We want to make the transition to responsible and secure data storage as seamless as possible for you.

That’s why you’ll have a 30-day free cloud service trial when you first receive the camera.

To claim your free 30-day trial, you’ll have to download the free LaView app (you’ll want to do this anyways, to have instant mobile access to your WiFi camera’s livestream).

Once downloaded and connected to the app follow these easy steps:

  • On the main menu, tap the device you wish to start the trial with.
  • Tap “cloudvideo” from the icon menu below your camera’s livestream.
  • Tap the blue “buy service” button in the middle of the screen (don’t worry – you’re not buying anything!)
  • Tap the “subscribe button” within the dark blue area toward the top of the page (we promise, you’re almost there!)
  • This brings up the monthly plan options. Your free 30-day trial will be the first option. Tap “Try Now” to get started with your trial!

Of course, if you get to the final step above, and you know that you’ll want cloud storage in the long run, you can go ahead and select one of the services right then and there.

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Why Cloud Service?

Our cloud service option is unequivocally the most secure and efficient means of storing and managing your WiFi camera data.

Let’s look at traditional security camera systems as an example. They typically rely on a DVR or NVR as their primary means of storage. These recording devices are generally equipped with surveillance grade hard drives that store at least 1TB of data. In larger applications, hard drives with larger storage capacity are often necessary.

There are a couple problems here. First, surveillance grade hard drives are not cheap. The more terabytes of storage you add to a recording device, the higher the cost. Also, this leaves local storage devices vulnerable to physical damage and theft.

The same follows for our WiFi cameras. They are all equipped with microSD slots that can accommodate up to 128GB of onboard storage. This is a great means of physical backup. And for some people, it may be sufficient for primary storage. But generally, the cloud option provides so much more.

First of all, you have expanded storage that’ll eliminate the need for upkeep. With microSD storage, you will have to consider what to do when you run out of storage space. You either have to delete some data or get a new replacement microSD card. 

Cloud storage service totally takes care of this. Managing your data and having the capacity to store as much footage as you need.

Plus, it is the best way to guarantee the safety of your footage. Only you have secure access to your data with our cloud service.

The cloud features bank-grade encryption for all data transmission, keeping it safer than any other storage device.

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4 Tiered Options - Cloud Storage is for Everyone

We offer 4 affordable options to accommodate everyone’s cloud storage needs.

Check out our 4 tiers of cloud subscription plans that range from $8.99/month to $19.99/month that data storage options 14 or 30 days of recording at a time and 3-5 devices (depending on the plan you choose). 

Within our app, we feature special deals for cloud storage. You can lock in a deal for $5.99/month for a whole year, and get 4 months FREE tacked on at the end of the subscription.

When you pick up your latest LaView USA WiFi Camera or Video Doorbell Camera, make sure to check out the the cloud storage deals within the app. Just follow the steps we detailed in the free trial section above and you’ll find all the best deals for cloud plans listed there!