How to view B9 camera on your NVR

1. Please connect your Wi-Fi camera to the 'LaView' app first.

2. Then enter the camera menu, click the 'Edit' icon on the top right corner,

3. Scroll up and select Onvif. (If the Onvif option is not in the setting menu, please reset the camera and reconnect it to the app first.)

Hold down the device icon, and select 'Remove Device'.

Reset and reconnect your Wi-Fi camera to the 'LaView' app.

Enter Menu again, roll down and you would see an 'Onvif' option.

4. Enable 'Onvif Switch'. The IP address of the Wi-Fi camera is right below, please note it down.

5. Connect LAN port of the NVR directly to the router via the Ethernet cable.

6. Connect your Wi-Fi camera to the Wi-Fi router that your NVR is connected to by the Ethernet cable.

7. Go to the NVR menu, then go to 'Camera' and tap the 'Edit' icon.

8. Input the settings as outlined below,

• For 'Adding Method', please choose 'Manual'

• For 'IP Camera Address', please input the IP address of the Wi-Fi camera

• Choose 'ONVIF' Protocol

• For 'Management Port', please input 8000

• The User Name is 'admin' and the Password is also 'admin' by default.

9. Click 'Ok' to save the settings. The Wi-Fi cam will auto sync with the NVR.

10. This feature does not cover all LaView Wi-Fi cameras, please contact LaView Support Team for assistance through 'Contact Us' on our official website