How to view B9 Camera on website

How to enable multiple cameras live stream?

For multiple devices viewing, click the camera icon on the top right when there are over two devices connected to the app. Select the icon to get multiple devices viewing mode.

4 live views of devices at most could be put on the screen for your viewing. You can browse more live views of devices by sliding the page.

How to view B9 camera on website?

Apart from browsing live-view through the app, we also provide you with multiple devices viewing on web browsers.

1. Log into our website (Google Chrome is recommended)

2. Now go to the homepage of the app on your mobile, find 'Me', click 'Scan QR code'

3. Scan the QR code on the web page with the app to access the live view of your camera. (Please note that only Wi-Fi cameras with power cables support the Web Access feature as of now.)

4. There are different settings on the web page.

Click the left corner on the top to select your language (English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese)

5. Click 'My home' on the right corner of the web page to select devices.

6. Next to the 'My home' button, click the 'Logout' button to log out of your account.

7. The avatar on the left is for your user info.

8. You may view the status and names of your devices on the top left of the image frame.

9. The power button on the right top of the image frame allows you to close the live view.

10. The volume setting down the right corner allows you to adjust the volume.

11. Press the icon on the bottom to enter the full-screen mode for a better viewing experience.

12. If the camera provides Pan & Tilt function, you can change the angle of the camera through the monitor on the web page.

13. We support 9 cameras viewing simultaneously on the same page. Single image mode is a default setting, you may click icons down the right corner to acquire a live view of multiple devices accustomed to your likes.

14. If you subscribe to our cloud service, you are also able to manage and view the recorded videos on the web page.