How to connect LaView B9 to Wi-Fi

Step 1. Download and install the LaView app, and complete the registration.

Step2. Make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Step3. Click the "+" icon to add the camera, select "Video Surveillance" then "Smart Camera"

Step4. Link the adapter to the camera in the package, press the reset button and hold for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. The reset button is at the bottom of the camera and it is near the SD card slot.

Step5. Wait until the led indicator flashes rapidly, which means the camera is ready for pairing.

Step6. Enter the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi password to create a QR code that contains your Wi-Fi information. Make sure your Wi-Fi is in a status of 2.4GHz.

Step7. Use the camera to scan the QR code, and keep the camera 6-8 inches away from the phone so the camera works perfectly with its focus.

Step8. Press "I Heard a Prompt" when the camera beeps. And the camera will start pairing, when connecting, make sure your router, mobile phone, and the camera are close.

Step 9. Wait until the camera is connected and registered to your account. Now you can start using the camera!