Any quick access to switch doorbell base stations

Please visit LaView shop on Amazon or in LaView App for purchasing additional N20 cameras or DB7 doorbell cameras.

If you have multiple DB7 or N20 camera systems, we provide a quick access for your doorbell camera to switch between base stations.

Now we are going to show you how to switch the doorbell from base station A to base station B.

1. Please hold down the rubber button for about 3 seconds, you will hear a beeping along with LED indicator turning sold blue to slow blinking RED.

2. Now, the camera will enter and stay in pairing mode for 3 minutes. Then, please enter the device list of Base Station B, tap ‘Add Camera’

3. Connect your camera as we instructed previously.

4. The camera is now connected to Base Station B and disconnected from Base Station A.

5. Camera will exit pairing mode being left 30 seconds without operations or paring failure.