R3 Indoor 360° Camera (1080P) technical support

R3 Indoor 360° Camera (1080P) technical support

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How to install this device?

1. How to power R3 Camera

This article shows you how to to power R3 Camera.

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2. Set up LaView APP

This article will go over how to set up the LaView R3 indoor camera.

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How to use this device?

3. How to connect LaView R3 to Wi-Fi

This article shows you how to connect the LaView R3 indoor to LaView App step by step.

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4. How to use R3 Camera

This article will go over to use R3 Camera.

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5.How to download LaView app?

Download the most updated LaView App from Google Play or App Store, you may scan the QR code as attached to download it.



How many ways to install the R3?

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With the provided adhesive 3M tape and screws, R3 can be installed on the ceiling, wall, or anywhere you want. Or you can simply put it on the table to surveillian your home.

Should I install it indoor or outdoor?

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R3 security camera is an indoor camera and it is not waterproof, so you should install it inside.

Is the provided 3M tape sticky enough for the camera to be installed on the ceiling?

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Yes, you can feel free to use the 3M tape and install the camera to the wall. Pls make sure the wall is dry, and then use a cloth to wipe the dust away before installing the camera.


Does the R3 support 5G wifi?

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All LaView cameras only support 2.4G wifi as of now. If your router is dual-band, separate the wifi SSID into two and use your phone to connect to the 2.4G wifi before setup.

How to reset the camera?

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The reset button is under the camera lens, and it is beneath the SD card slot, gently move the camera to look up and you will see a tiny hole which reads ‘reset’. Use the provided pin to press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. You will see red light flashing and hear a prompt sound if the reset is successful. 

Which app should I use to set up R3?

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It is Laview. You can find it on Google Play or the App Store.

How to set up R3 on my phone?

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1.Download the Laview app to your phone, register an account and log in. 

2.Use the provided cable and adapter to power on the R3, use the pin to press and hold the reset button until you hear a prompt sound.

3.Open the app, click at the top right ‘add’ icon, choose ‘Smart Camera’.

4.Click ‘Next’ if the camera indicator light is flashing.

5.Input the password of your 2.4G wifi, check if it is correct, and click ‘Next’.

6.Put the QR code in front of the camera within 6-8 inches, and let it scan.

7.If you hear a voice prompt, which means scanning is successful and you can click ‘I Heard a Prompt’.

8.Wait for the camera to connect to your 2.4G wifi, and the camera indicator light will switch from blue flashing to blue solid which means setup is successful.

Camera is not connecting to the network

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If your LaView camera is having issues connecting to your Wi-Fi network or timing out during setup, please verify that you are using a 2.4GHz network.

1.Make sure your router has a 2.4G wifi, use your phone connects to that 2.4G wifi.
2.Put camera next to your router to receive good wifi signal.
3.Reset is a must

How to update WiFi information / password

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To change the Wi-Fi network your LaView camera is connected to, you must remove the camera from the original account. Log into the account and remove the device by selecting it and choosing “remove device” from the settings menu.

Once the camera is removed from the account, the status light on the camera should go back to red, then blink red. If this is the case, you can now setup the camera using new Wi-Fi information. Follow the normal setup guide as if the camera was new.

If the camera does not automatically initialize, use a paper clip to hold down the reset button on the camera until you hear the noise prompt. Then proceed to setup the camera using new Wi-Fi information.

The Live Stream is glitchy / not smooth

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1.If you have a slow connection, changing your live stream image resolution can help. Check the bottom left, change the resolution by tapping it and a box will pop up.

Try to change to SD as this consumes less bandwidth and allows a stable connection.

2.If you have multiple cameras with slow Live Steam, start the live stream of the camera and check the percentage at the top right-hand corner of the view. If this is low, try moving the camera closer to the Wi-Fi router.

3.If other devices on the network are having trouble too, try rebooting your router to see if the connections clear up.

4.Check the speed of your mobile device by going to www.speedtest.net and performing the test. A 7Mb/s download is required for HD streams and 4Mb/s is for SD.

Can't connect to the Live Stream

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If you are having issues connecting to your live stream, please try some of the basic trouble shooting steps bellow:

1.Disconnect your smartphone or tablet from your Wi-Fi network and reconnect it.

2.You can try connecting to a different network or switching to Mobile Data (4G/LTE).

3.Unplug the camera's USB cord, wait 5 seconds, and plug it back in. If you still get the error, you can try to deactivate any firewall settings on your device or network.

4.Slow internet speeds can also cause these errors: Try restarting your router.

5.If these all fail, attempt a factory reset of the camera and set it up allover again

What should I do if the app freezes?

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1.Close the LaView app completely, re-open it and check
2.Switch your phone network from Wifi to its mobile data and check
3.Make sure the indicatior light is solid blue which means camera network is stable


The camera does not scan the QR code.

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1.Put the QR code in front of the camera from 8-12 inches away. Move the phone back and forth towards the camera.

2.Ensure the lens of the camera is clean, turn up the phone brightness to help to scan.

3.You can take a screenshot of the QR code, enlarge it on another device and scan.

When the scanning is successful, the camera will send out a prompt sound. 

4.Use the EZ mode to setup camera. Click the top right corner button, switch it from QR code to EZ mode will be okay.

The image is up-side-down because the camera is installed on the ceiling, what can I do?

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Enter camera live view, click the top right corner button, tap ‘Basic Function Settings’, toggle the ‘Flip Screen’.

How to install a Micro SD card?

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1. Locate the micro SD card slot, it is under the camera len.

2. Make sure the SD card is 6-128GB, Class 10 rated. Formatted it to FAT32 on your computer.

3. Insert a micro SD card into the slot.

What kind of SD card is compatible with R3?

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A micro SD card that is 16-128GB, Class 10 rated and above work.

We recommend the LaView Purple Surveillance Grade Micro SD card.

Why my SD card can’t be recognized by the camera?

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1.Make sure the capacity of your SD card is within 16-128GB

2.Format it to FAT32 before inserting it into the camera SD card slot.

3.Insert the SD card correctly and refresh the app page

Is it waterproof?

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No, R3 camera is an indoor camera and it should be installed indoors.

How does the audio work?

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1.When the camera is online, enter live view, click the ‘Speak’ icon, and you can talk, people in front of the camera can hear you.

Audio quality is poor

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1.Power cycle the camera by unplugging it for 1 minute.

2.If an SD card is installed, power down the camera and remove the SD card. Try using the audio without the SD card.

3.Check to see if the camera has anything blocking the speaker holes on the camera. These are used for the microphone as well, so anything blocking it will reduce sound quality.

4.Try resetting the camera completely. Remove the device from your LaView account before resetting the camera.

5.Lastly, try removing the app off your mobile device and re-installing it.

It seems that the image quality is not clear enough

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If your LaView Wi-Fi camera’s view is blurry, grainy, or isn’t showing how it’s expected to look, please follow these steps to help fix the issues.

1.Enter the live feed of the camera and go to the settings option at the top right.

2.Click on the IR Night vision option.

3.Toggle the option from Auto to On, then Off. Turn it back on, then back off and finally back to auto.

4.If the camera view is blurry, try cleaning the lens with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner if necessary.

5.Ensure the camera is on HD mode to have Full HD resolution.

If the view gets sunspots, or discolored images, please take a screenshot and send it to our Support Team via LaView app-Me-live chat.

How do these three night vision modes work?

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Enter live view, click the top right corner button, find IR Night Vision. Click it and you will see there are Auto, Off and On.

Auto means when the light around the camera is dim, the image color will switch to black and white, and when the light around the camera is bright, the image color will automatically switch to its actual color.

If you set the camera On, the image color will be black and white.

If you set the camera Off, the image color will stay colorful during daytime but when light around camera is dim, you can’t see clear image from the app.

Night Vision is not working properly

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If your LaView camera’s night vision isn’t working, please follow these steps:

1.Enter the live feed of the camera and go to the settings option at the top right.

2.Click on the IR Night vision option.

3.Toggle the option from Auto to On, then Off. Turn it back on, then back off and finally back to auto.

If the camera view is very bright and washed out, try re-positioning the camera. If the camera is behind glass or next to a wall, the IR will bounce off the object and reflect into the lens. This will wash the entire picture out. Try moving the camera away to allow the light to properly reflect back.

How can I record videos?

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There are 3 ways to record videos on the app.

1. Manually record: click the ‘record’ icon on the live view. But when the phone screen is closed or locked, the recording will stop. 

2. SD card record: if you insert an SD card into the R3, you can enter live view, click the top right corner button, choose ‘Storage Settings’, click Recording Mode, choose Non-stop record or Event recording

3. Each camera can enjoy a 30-day free trial of cloud storage, if your camera subscribes to it, when there is movement, there will be videos recorded to the cloud storage, and you can find videos on Cloud-View Record.

Where can I find the device ID?

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Enter live view-click top right corner button-Device information-Device ID-long press for 2 seconds, and you can copy it.

There are moments when I do not want the camera to work, but I don’t want to turn it off completely, what should I do?

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The Private Mode can help. Enter live view-click top right corner button-turn on Private Mode. When private mode is enabled, the live view will show ‘Live view is not allowed in Private Mode’. If you want the camera to be working again, just click ‘Turn off Private Mode’ in the live view will be okay.

There are too many notifications when there is movement, how can I turn it off?

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You can set the sensitivity to low and see if the notifications will be less. If no, you can enter the app, click the right bottom corner ‘Me’-click the top right corner settings button-App notification-turn it off. This will not affect the motion detection working.

I only need motion detection working from 23:00 to 07:00 each day, how can I do this?

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Enter live view-click top right corner button-Detection Alarm Settings-Turn on Motion Detection Alarm-click Schedule-Add the start time of motion detection and add an end time of it.

I forget my account password, how can I log in?

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Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the log-in page, enter your account and click ‘Get a Verification Code’, then go to your email account inbox, find that code and enter it on the app.

How do I change the login password?

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Enter the app, click the right bottom corner ‘Me’-click the top right corner settings button-Account and Security-Change Login Password.

The camera is linked to my ex-husband’s email, how do I change that?

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Open app, click ‘Me’, click top right corner button, choose Account and Security, click ‘Email Address’, click ‘Change email’, input the current password and click ‘Next’, and the follow app steps by step will be okay.

How do I subscribe to cloud storage services?

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1.Enter live view-click top right corner button-Purchase VAS-Subscribe and choose the plan you need.

2.If you want a package for more cameras, you can click the bottom right corner ‘Me’ button-Featured-Cloud Storage for Cameras-Subscribe and purchase the package you need.

Can I be informed when the camera is offline so that I can deal with it immediately?

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Yes, enter live view-click top right corner button-turn on the Offline Notification.

How can I share the camera with my family?

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1.Make sure your family has downloaded the Laview app, registered an account and logged in

2. Enter live view-click top right corner button-Share Device-Add sharing, and you can share the camera by inputting your family’s Laview account, or just copy the sharing link and send it to them.

How can I keep my camera up to update?

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You can enter live view-click top right corner button-find Device Update, and see if there is an available update for the camera. Or you can turn on the Automatic Updates, then when there is an available update, as long as the camera is online, it will be updated automatically.

Firmware failed to upgrade

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If you are getting this error when trying to upgrade, it can be due to a few different reasons. Please try these troubleshooting steps:

1.Restart the LaView app by force-closing it and starting it back up.

2.Try to power cycle the camera; be sure no upgrade or loading is in progress. If the feed is responsive, then you are safe to unplug the camera.

3.If you are doing this from a remote connection, your internet speed may not be sufficient. Please try upgrading when you are at the location of the camera.

4.If you are at the location, try rebooting the Wi-Fi network for 2 minutes.

5.Try resetting the camera by inserting a paperclip into the reset hole and holding until the power LED turns red.

How do I contact the support team if I have questions about the camera?

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There are 3 methods that you can reach our support team

1. Enter the app, click bottom right corner ‘Me’ button-Live Chat, send us an offline message

2. Enter the app, click bottom right corner ‘Me’ button-User Guide & Tutorials-click the bottom ‘Feedback/Suggestions’ to submit us your question

3. Enter live view-click top right corner button-FAQ & Feedback-Unsolved? Send Feedback to submit your question

How do I rename the camera?

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1. Please start the Live View of your camera.

2. Once the video feed loads, tap the edit icon at the top right.

3. Tap on the model number of the camera at the top.

4. Tap on the Device Name.

You can now rename your camera according to location such as bedroom camera, backyard, kitchen, etc.

How to connect my LaView camera to Alexa

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Please following this instruction to set up the Alexa integration.

1. Download our "LaView" app and register an account;

2. Configure the device in our “LaView” app and change appropriate name for your devices which will be used in "LaView" skills;

3. Download Amazon "Alexa" app;

4. Configure Echo with "Alexa" app;

5. Search "LaView" skill from the "Alexa" app skills category; Ensure you are using the correct Alexa skill to set up LaView camera with Amazon Alexa Devices. Please search 'LaView' in Amazon Skill store or click this link. (Please do not use 'LaView ONE' skill as it is not compatible)

6. Click Enable skill of "LaView", and you'll be navigated to LaView login page;

7. Input your LaView account username and password, you'll be redirect to the success page;

8. Now all setup is finished.

You can enjoy the voice control on your home devices like these:

“Alexa,Show <camera name&rt;"

“Alexa,Hide the <camera name&rt;"

“Alexa,Stop the <camera name&rt;"

Why are there gaps on my playback timeline while recording continuously?

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As the micro SD card gets used and ages some sectors on the micro SD card tend to go bad. The camera is not capable of detecting and correcting these bad sectors. This is what can cause gaps in the recording.

Formatting the micro SD card to FAT32 can help alleviate these issues and correct the bad sectors.

Why can't I playback the micro SD footage as a shared user?

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If the camera was shared with you via account email, you have access to basic functions including playback. If you are getting a black screen or issues, please check to see if you are having connection issues or a slow speed.

If you were added to the “Home” as a house member, the Homeowner may not have given you the proper permissions to view playback video. Have the homeowner go to their Home Management Settings by starting the app and tapping the “Me” option at the bottom. From here they must remove you add re-add you using higher member permissions.

Can I use the LaView wifi cams with my desktop computer?

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Unfortunately, LaView does not have a desktop app for these Wi-Fi cameras at the moment. Although our development team is working hard to create a desktop app. Once we have one, we’ll be sure to notify everyone!

The camera does not rorate, what can I do?

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1.Use your hand to move the camera gently and loose it a little.
2.Make sure camera and phone wifi is good, then press the direction console and see if camera will turn to the direction you need.
3.Check the SD card slot, and make sure the SD card does not pop out and affect the rotation. Or you can take the SD card out and press the direction console and see if camera will be moved.
4.Hold and press the reset button and set it up all over again to see if camera will rotate when it is setup successfully.


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