The Perfect Time for Peace of Mind - 4 New WiFi Cameras

The Perfect Time for Peace of Mind - 4 New WiFi Cameras

Much of 2020 has been all about staying home. With current global situation, and no clear picture of when things will fully get back to normal, we’re all experiencing new meaning in regard to being home. With that comes need to feel safe, secure, and at peace in our homes when the outside world is so uncertain.

Let us introduce you to our 4 newest WiFi cameras that provide total coverage for every part of your home!


Meet Your New Roommates – Next Generation Indoor WiFi Cameras

As of now, many businesses and schools have adjusted attendance protocol, with people working from home and students learning from home. Others – essential workers and frontline healthcare and safety personnel – don’t have the option of staying home.

So, whether you’re at home or away at work, how can you have an extra set of eyes on what matters the most? 

Enter our newest generation of WiFi Cameras.

The F1 Mini Indoor WiFi Camera and the R3 Pan/Tilt WiFi Camera make for the ideal partners for at-home monitoring.

Neither camera requires complicated installation. You simply plug them into power, download our free mobile app, and follow the on-screen instructions for WiFi connection and other convenient settings.

That’s it!

The F1 makes for the perfect nanny camera, nursery companion, or pet cam. Place it on mantles, countertops, bookshelves, or any other flat surfaces with its easy stand-up base. Or, you can use the included 3M adhesive pad to stick it to any vertical surfaces. Either way, you’ll experience discreet indoor coverage that’ll give you the flexibility to find your ideal view.

The R3, on the other hand, thrives in the center of the room. It’s controls on the mobile app allow you to pan and tilt the camera remotely to make sure you have the live view and recording angle that’s perfect for you.

Both WiFi cameras feature detailed clarity day and night, 2-way audio for easy communication with family and friends near the cameras, and easy onboard storage with microSD slots.


Two Doorbell WiFi Cameras – 1 Safer Outcome

Our newest range of WiFi cameras includes monitoring for one of the most important parts of your home: the front door.

Statistics show that over one third of burglaries occur through front-door access. That means whether the perpetrator simply walked in through an unlocked door, or forced their way in, the doorstep is a high-priority zone for top-tier security.

This is where we come in. Let’s look at the next gen doorbell cameras that will take your entrance from a target area to a controlled, secure access point for you and your loved ones only.

The first is the DB5 Video Doorbell Camera. It is your traditional WiFi doorbell camera that connects to power via your existing doorbell wiring. If you don’t mind one extra, easy step to wire to power, this is one of the consistently best-performing video doorbells on the market.

The DB5 Video Doorbell features HD 1080p resolution for premium visual quality day and night. Plus, it employs smart human detection to send you push notification to your phone when someone approaches the door. These features and so many more are fully customizable in the free LaView app.

The DB6 Video Doorbell Camera is our fully wireless video doorbell. It contains a long-lasting 6000mAh rechargeable battery for hassle-free performance. To further save battery life and improve overall performance, the DB6 uses a PIR thermal detection. This guarantees that your camera only kicks on when significant motion from a person approaching the door comes across its field of view. That means less false alarms and more battery life.


From there, the two doorbell cameras share similar features and functionality. So, regardless of your preference between wired and wireless video doorbell cameras

Check back for further updates as we expand the LaView USA smart home security camera line. We’ve got more outdoor and smart home friendly WiFi cameras headed our way to round out the collection.