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Upload the most interesting footage taken by a LaView camera and win the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Anyone who uploads a footage is guaranteed to win 3 months of cloud storage.

How to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max:

Step 1. Upload your footage in the form below

Step 2. We will upload your footage to our official tiktok account @laviewsecurity, and you can see the playback volume of your video.

Step 3. Win rewards (customer service will contact the winners according to the email address filled in)


Prize Quantity Tiktok playback volume
iPhone 15 pro max 128GB 1 per month 800k views
iPad Pro 11-inch 128GB 3 per month 500k views
L2 camera + 1 year of cloud storage unlimited 10k view
1 year of cloud storage unlimited 3k view
3 months of cloud storage unlimited Not required

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