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Receive Alerts for Unexpected Visitors

Keep an Eye on Package Deliveries and Deter Theft

Access Precise Time-Stamped Footage for Crucial Moments

Stay Informed about Your Pet's Activities

Stay Connected

Enjoy 14 days of limitless storage and smart detection features with any of the plans listed below.

Cam Base

Experience boundless 14-day cloud storage with Person, Pet, Package, and Vehicle Detection at just $2.00 per month per camera or an unbeatable $12.50 per month for unlimited cameras


Per Camera



Unlimited Cameras

Get Cam Plus
Cam Premium

Experience the full package with professional video monitoring by live agents, all for just $4.00 per month, ensuring your peace of mind and security.


Per Camera

Get Cam Plus

24/7 Surveillance of your home by live agents to protect and monitor what's most important in your life. $12 per month.


Per Camera

Get Cam Plus

*Home Monitoring comes with a free license for Cam Plus which enables 14-day cloud storage.

Never Miss a Single Instant

Whether you're anxiously anticipating a crucial delivery or interested in tracking your kids' return from a night out, you’ll never miss any instant again.

  • 14-day unrestricted cloud storage has you covered
  • Benefit from cutting-edge Person, Package, Pet, and Vehicle Detection

Expert Home Surveillance Featuring Round-the-Clock Live Agents

In case of an emergency, live agents are available to request assistance.

  • Easily activate or deactivate your system.
  • Set up personalized monitoring schedules to ensure your home is always safeguarded.

Harnessing THe Potential of Smart Detection

With our cutting-edge smart detection solutions, you can rest assured that your home is always under vigilant watch. Whether you're at home or miles away, our smart detection technology provides you with peace of mind.

  • Cutting-edge smart detection for continuous home vigilance.
  • Advanced sensors and AI technology for swift and precise alerts.
  • Stay connected and in control of your home's security, anytime, anywhere.

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Not sure which plan to pick, learn more about Cam Base, Cam Premium and Monitor.With LaView's vigilant services, you can protect and monitor what's most important in your life.