Introduction of M2 Base Station & DB7 Setting Menu

APP Configuration

Now let's check the base station and DB7 doorbell camera in LaView APP.

Introduction of M2 Base Station

You are able to see all cameras connected to the M2 Base Station on the device list.

Tap ellipsis icon in the top right corner to browse base station setting info.

If you have installed an SD card for footage, you're able to see space status here.

We recommend you to format the SD card prior to use.

Tap 'Restart Device' to clear cache for your base station.

Tap 'Remove Device' to delete the base station along with the cameras.

The base station also acts as a ring chime and will produce a ding-dong sound when someone press the doorbell at the front door.

Tap the quick access button to leave a short message to your visitors, whether to let the mailman leave the package at the door, or ask your friend to come back later.

Or simply tap 'Accept' to start a two-way conversation.

4 quick accesses on the function bar

We could see a preview display for each of the cameras on the device list with 4 quick accesses on the function bar.

1. Click 'Message' to browse alarm notifications.

A screenshot of the event is provided.

The 'View' icon will lead you to the coordinated time with footage of the event or cloud videos.

2. You can also click the 'Playback' icon to check intact footage form the SD card.

3. The cloud storage preserves the footage in the cloud which is available to be retrieved under the worst scenery like vandal or burglary.

You can subscribe our US based cloud storage service for your data safety of footage.

Select a cloud video to acquire detailed info of the event. You can also delete and download the cloud video, or take a screenshot and record the video itself and save them in album of the APP.

4. Tap 'Settings' icon to enter setting of the doorbell camera.

Doorbell Camera Setting

1. In 'Basic Function Settings', the camera works with WDR tech providing great image under high lighting ratio scene, such as direct sunlight projection.

2. When 'Tamper Alarm' is enabled, the camera will trigger a siren and an anti-break alarm when it's removed to notify you about any suspicious activities.

3. DB7 doorbell camera also supports two-way talk, which allows you to talk through the camera, just like having a phone call.

4. You can also adjust the Recording Time and Max Recording Time here.

A recording time decides the duration of the recording after the alarm is triggered.

Duration of movements decides your recording time and it is limited by your setting for max recording time.

For instance, we've set the recording time 10 seconds and max recording time 1 minute.

The camera would keep some recordings no more than a minute if anyone comes at the front door by the camera and lingers.

5. DB7 doorbell camera provides high clarity of image with IR light fit for night time.

You can also change the IR Night Vision mode by the APP.

6. We also recommend you to enable the 'Human Body Filtering' function in 'Detection Alarm Setting' to reduce false notifications. It allows the camera to recognize human body shape.

7. You can also adjust the Motion Detection Duration here, which controls the camera to start recording only when it detects continuous movements with a certain time of period. And it also helps to avoid false notifications from


8. Below is the Alarm Interval function, you can set a cooling time between each single recording.

9. Tap 'PIR' to adjust PIR sensitivity to 'Low' 'Medium' and 'High' level to achieve better battery life performance.

10. Then we have 'Power Management Setting', feel free to set a low battery alarm threshold and you will receive notification for charging your camera before it gets completely drained.

Let's see what's new in the live view

1. At the bottom left is the resolution setting, standard definition and full HD mode are provided.

2. There are five functions for the function bar under the live view screen. Sound switch, Screenshot, Microphone, Recording and Full-Screen switch. Sound switch allows you to turn on/off the sound of the footage and preview.

3. Push the Screenshot button to save the live view to the app album.

4. Tap Phone button to talk through the camera if the camera is on two-way communication mode.

5. By pressing Recording button, you may record videos synchronize with your preview screen.

Record video clips will be saved to the LaView app album.

6. Press the last icon at the bottom right for a full screen viewing.

7. And all cloud vides will be displayed below the preview and will be automatically updated every day. Feel free to check what's new about your camera.

8. Tap 'Quick Reply' and choose one of three pre-recorded messages greetings if you are unable to answer the visitor verbally.

Third Party Supported

Our DB7 doorbell camera works with smart voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo Show and Google Home.

Apply Echo show to view live stream by simply saying 'Alexa, show me my front door camera.'

How to contact us?

You can find common issues with solutions in LaView APP. And if the problem is not resolved, please feel free to send us the feedback and we will reach you once we receive it.