How to connect LaView R3 to Wi-Fi

Add Your Device

1. Tap 'Add Device' or tap the 'Plus' button to add the camera.

2. Select 'Video Surveillance', click the 'Smart Camera' icon, and click 'Next'.

3. It will bring you to 'Enter Wi-Fi Password' page. Hit 'Confirm' once the password is input.

4. When you tap the 'Continue' button, the mobile phone will display a QR code.

5. Bring the camera within 8 inches or 20 centimeters of your mobile phone. Use your camera to scan the QR code.

6. When you heard the beep, choose 'I Heard a Prompt.'

7. The configuration will be finished in 30 seconds. Make sure the camera, mobile phone, and router are close to each other.

8. When the camera is added successfully, tap the 'Pencil' icon to customize your own camera.

We recommend completing the camera setup before mounting it on the wall or any other surface.