How to connect DB7 cameras to M2 base station

Now, let's connect the DB7 doorbell camera to M2 Base Station.

1. Take out DB7 doorbell camera from the box.

2. If your doorbell camera is pre-installed on the mounting bracket, please use the bracket-eject tool, or a paper clip to uninstall the bracket first.

3. Insert the tool into the hole at the bottom of the mounting bracket, and firmly push it in towards the camera, until the bracket pops open.

4. Each of the camera was paired with base station in the same box by default, you would notice that the camera is on the device list of the base station already.

5. Follow the instruction sticker attached, and hold the rubber button for 2 seconds to power on the camera. You will hear a beeping and the LED indicator turns solid BLUE when the camera is powered on.

6. Now the camera is online, tap the 'Play' icon to preview the doorbell camera.

M2 Base Station is able to connect 2 DB7 doorbell cameras, and it's also compatible with our N20 outdoor security camera.

1. Tap 'Add Device' to connect new camera to the base station.

2. Hold the rubber button for 2 seconds to power on the camera. You will hear a beeping, along with LED indicator slowly blinking RED when the camera is powered on, and it is now on pairing mode.

3. Ensure the LED indicator of the camera blinks RED Slowly.

4. If not, please press and hold the rubber button for 10 seconds until the camera resets. You will hear 2 beepings when the camera is reset successfully, and the LED indicator of the camera will go back to slow blinking RED. Tap 'Next'

5. Remove the plastic film attached to the lens before you scan the QR code with your camera.

6. Use the camera lens to scan the QR code on your phone screen and make sure the lens is 3~8 inches away from the screen. You will hear a prompt if the camera reads the QR code. Tap 'I Heard a Prompt'

7. The camera LED indicator will turn solid blue with 2 beepings from the base station when the connection is successful.

8. For better network connection, we recommend you put the DB7 camera at least 2 ft away from the base station during pairing process and daily use. Since the transmission between base station and cameras would be interfered if put too close.