B9 APP Feature

What is on the B9 camera live view page?

There are different features on the home screen of the app.

1. Time watermark can be turned on or off in basic function settings.

2. Signal strength indicates your camera's stability of the network. To ensure the user experience of your camera, please check the camera is placed at a location where the WIFI signal is higher than 80%.

3. Volume setting allows you to activate/deactivate the mute mode.

4. Graphics Settings

Both Standard Definition and High Definition mode are provided as options of the image clarity.

5. Full-Screen Mode

For our users' better viewing experience, we have a full-screen function built into the app, press the icon on the bottom right for a clearer vision.

6. Screenshot: The screenshot will be saved to the LaView App's album.

7. Speaking: You can talk to the people near the camera with your phone.

8. Recording: Recorded video clips can be saved to the LaView app's album.

9. Playback

The footage will be stored into the SD card and played if you have an SD card inserted in the slot.

10. Cloud Storage

We will upload your footage to the cloud. You will be able to view and play these clips. Fees and subscription are batched with an individual device.

11. Alarm: There are two types of alarms of Motion Detection and Sound Detection.

11.1 You can adjust the alarm sensitivity level to Low, Medium or High for Motion Detection.

11.2 Also, you can use the red frame to set a certain area for the detection or enable Human Body Filtering to reduce false alarms.

11.3 For Sound Detection, you can also modify the alarm sensitivity level.

11.4 There is a time mode for motion and sound detection which allows you to select a specific schedule for alarm trigger.

12. Photo album: You can browse the screenshots and recorded videos here.

1. How to find and customize camera profile?

At the top right corner, there is the setting icon.

On the top of the screen, there is the name of your camera.

We provide you with icon customization, device name, and device location settings for your camera.

2. How to link to Alexa or Google Assistant?

LaView B9 camera also supports third-party smart home speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. Please check out our user manual or visit the link below to watch the video tutorials for specific setup instructions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TMIpVbL3qg

3. How to enable camera private mode?

Enabling Private Mode will disable the live view and playback function for your privacy concerns.

4. How to turn off LED indicator, time watermark or flip screen?

Basic function settings allow you to turn on/off the status indicator, time watermark, and flip the screen if needed.

5. How to set up IR night vision?

IR Night vision helps you to get a clear vision at night.

You can switch it On, Off, or to Auto mode, and we recommend using the Auto mode that allows the camera to turn on the IR function automatically in a scene of low light.

6. How to record videos?

The Storage Settings demonstrate your storage capacity status.

Local Recording is enabled by default. If you turn off the local recording, the camera will not write your data on the SD card.

There are two recording modes, Non-Stop and Event Recording.

In Non-Stop mode, you can have the camera record continuously.

As for Event Recording, the camera will be set to record only while detecting the sound or motion.

You can set up a recording schedule in the schedule setting.

The SD card will overwrite the oldest data when it is fully used. Also, you could simply format the SD card by the app if you would like to clear the space.

You can subscribe to the Video Cloud Storage service by clicking VAS or cloud storage.

7. How do I alarm when it is offline?

Offline notification will allow the camera to send a notification once the camera stays offline over 30 minutes.

8. Where can I find the support?

In FAQ & Feedback, you can find the common issue and solution.

If the problem is still not resolved, feel free to send us the feedback and we will get back to you once we receive it.

9. How to share my camera?

You can share the device to another account to grant him access to the camera.

10. How to change the account?

If you wish to connect this camera to other accounts, please remove the device from your account first and then add it to the new account.

11. How to enable multi camera live stream?

For multiple devices viewing, click the camera icon on the top right when there are over two devices connected to the app, select the icon to get multiple devices viewing mode.

4 live views of devices at most could be put on the screen for your viewing. You can browse more live views of devices by sliding the page.