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How does b10 camera connetect

How to Install microSD card on LaView B10 Camera

How to find device information

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How to download LaView app?

Download the most updated LaView App from Google Play or App Store, you may scan the QR code as attached to download it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the QR code/barcode!

The microSD card slot is located at back of the M1 base station. Please use a microSD card with storage capacity no larger than 128GB and in FAT32 format for local recording. We recommend using LaView Purple Video Grade microSD cards (not included) for best footage result and stability.

How do I turn off the spotlight at night?

Switch the Night Mode from Color Light Mode to Infrared Mode, the spotlight would be not turned on automatically in the dark.

How to turn off the indicator light?

Please open LaView APP-click the camera-click the top right corner setting button-click Basic Function Settings-turn off the Status Indicator.

What does the Smart Night Mode means and how does it work?

The Smart Night Mode will let the camera switch to Infrared Night Mode and Color Light Mode according to the environment automatically.

The camera will activate infrared night mode at night ordinarily, the spotlight will not turn on. When it detects an event, it will trigger the spotlight and switch to Color Night Mode, so as to make the picture and recording clearer.

How can I make my cameras back to online?

If your cameras are currently offline and you're trying to bring them back online, here are a few steps you can follow:

1.Make sure the cameras are powered on and properly connected to their power source. Ensure that all cables and connectors are securely attached.

2.Ensure that your wireless network is working properly. Check other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi and see if they can use the Internet.

3.If the Internet works well and the camera still shows offline, please restart your router, wait for 2-3 mins and see if the camera will be online automatically. Sometimes when the router is overloaded, the camera will be offline.

4.Check if the cameras are within range of the Wi-Fi router. Weak or intermittent Wi-Fi signals can cause cameras to go offline, we recommend that devices keep their signal above 90. If possible, move the cameras closer to the router or consider using Wi-Fi range extenders to improve the signal strength.

5.Check if there are any firmware updates available for your cameras. If you do not know if the firmware is the newest version, you could contact us for assistance.

6.If none of the above step work, you can try resetting the camera to its default settings. Please move the camera next to the router, restart the router, and hold the reset button of the camera for about 5 seconds until you hear a prompt sound, then set it up all over again to see if the camera will be online.


Can’t get notification on app, turned on the notifications but receive notification only from message center

Check if there is firmware update available for the camera or the new version for the app. The new firmware/app will help solve this issue. If you are uncertain about it, please contact LaView Support Team for more information.

Why can’t I connect the camera to the network?

Please use your phone connects to a 2.4G wifi, then move the camera next to your router, restart the router to refresh wifi network, hold the reset button of the camera. 
1.When you hold the reset button for 5 seconds, can you see the red light flashing or can you hear beep sounds?
2.Does the camera scan the QR code successfully?
3.Did you try the EZ mode method?(check image attached)

The image is up-side-down because the camera is installed on the ceiling, what can I do?

Enter camera live view, click at the top right button, tap ‘Basic Function Settings’, toggle the ‘Flip Screen’.

How to install a Micro SD card?

1. Remove the rubber cover of the camera and locate the micro SD card slot.

2. Insert a micro SD card that is 16-128GB, Class 10 rated, and formatted to FAT32.

What kind of SD card is compatible with B5?

A micro SD card that is 16-128GB, Class 10 rated and above work.

We recommend the LaView Purple Surveillance Grade Micro SD card.

Why my SD card can’t be recognized by the camera?

1.make sure the capacity of your SD card is within 16-128GB

2.Format it to FAT32 before inserting it into the camera SD card slot.

3.Insert the SD card correctly and refresh the app page

Why can’t I connect the camera to the network?

If your LaView camera is having issues during setup, make sure your router has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and your phone is connecting to it before setup. Make sure your phone, camera and router are as close as possible, then you could follow the steps below to proceed.

1.Use the provided cable or adapter to power on the camera, press and hold the reset button of camera until you hear a prompt sound.

2.Open the LaView app, click at the top right 'add' icon, choose 'Add Device'.

3.Then choose the according camera icon or Smart Camera, Click 'Next'; if the camera indicator light is flashing.

4.Input the password of your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, check if it is correct, then click 'Next.

5.Put the QR code in front of the camera within 6-8 inches, and let it scan.

6.If you hear a voice prompt, which means scanning is successful and you can click 'I Heard a Prompt'

7.Wait for the camera to connect to your Wi-Fi, and the camera indicator light will switch from flashing to solid which means setup is successful.

If you phone can’t scan the code, please try another way to pair the cameras:

Open LaView app-click at the top right 'add' icon, choose 'Add Device'-Switch from QR code to EZ Mode.

3.Input the password of your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, check if it is correct, then click 'Next.

4.Put the QR code in front of the camera within 6-8 inches, and let it scan.

5.If you hear a voice prompt, which means scanning is successful and you can click 'I Heard a Prompt'

6.Wait for the camera to connect to your Wi-Fi, and the camera indicator light will switch from flashing to solid which means setup is successful.

If the cameras still can’t connect, please contact us or try to consider the following suggestions:

1) Restart the router to refresh DHCP address pool allocation.

2) Turn off AP isolation in the router’s setting page.

3) Avoid to use special symbols in Wi-Fi password and it’s recommended the password should be within 32bit and please choose WPA/WPA2/WPASPK instead of WEP as security mode.

4) If your router is dual-band router, please try to turn off 5G Wi-Fi temporarily and only use 2.4G Wi-Fi to have a try.

How does the two-way audio work?

1.Make sure you have chosen ‘Two-Way Talk’ from live view-top right corner button-Basic Functions Settings-Talk Mode

2.When the camera is online, enter live view, click the ‘phone icon’, and both you and people in front of the camera can talk and hear at the same time.

How do these three night vision modes work?

Enter live view, click the bottom right corner button, and you can see a moon icon which is Night Mode. Click it and you will see there are Smart Mode, Infrared Mode, and Color Night Mode. Smart Mode means when the light around the camera is dim, the image color will switch to black and white, and when the light around the camera is bright, the image color will automatically switch to its actual color. If you set the camera under Infrared Mode, the image color will be black and white. If you set the camera under Color Night Mode, the image color will stay colorful even the camera is around a dark environment.

The camera does not scan the QR code.

Put the QR code in front of the camera from 8-12 inches away. Move the phone back and forth towards the camera. Ensure the lens of the camera is clean, turn up the phone brightness to help to scan. When the scanning is successful, the camera will send out a prompt sound.

How can I record videos?

There are 3 ways to record videos on the app.

1. Manually record: click the ‘record’ icon on the live view. But when the phone screen is closed or locked, the recording will stop. 

2. SD card record: if you insert an SD card into the B5, you can enter live view, click the top right corner button, choose ‘Storage Settings’, click Recording Mode, choose Non-stop record or Event recording

3. Each camera can enjoy a 30-day free trial of cloud storage, if your camera subscribes to it, when there is movement, there will be videos recorded to the cloud storage, and you can find videos on Cloud-View Record.

Where can I find the device ID?

Enter live view-click top right corner button-Device information-Device ID-long press for 2 seconds, and you can copy it.

There are moments when I do not want the camera to work, but I don’t want to turn it off completely, what should I do? 

The Private Mode can help. Enter live view-click top right corner button-turn on Private Mode. When private mode is enabled, the live view will show ‘Device in sleep mode’. If you want the camera to be working again, just click ‘Turn on the camera’ in the live view will be okay.

There are too many notifications when there is movement, how can I turn it off?

You can enter the app, click the right bottom corner ‘Me’-click the top right corner settings button-App notification-turn it off. This will not affect the motion detection working.

I only need motion detection working from 23:00 to 07:00 each day, how can I do this?

Enter live view-click top right corner button-Detection Alarm Settings-Turn on Motion Detection Alarm-click Schedule-Add the start time of motion detection and add an end time of it.

What should I do if I forget my account password?

Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the log-in page, enter your account and click ‘Get a Verification Code’, then go to your email account inbox, find that code and enter it on the app.

How do I change the login password?

Enter the app, click the right bottom corner ‘Me’-click the top right corner settings button-Account and Security-Change Login Password.

How do I subscribe to cloud storage services?

1.Enter live view-click top right corner button-Purchase VAS-Subscribe and choose the plan you need.

3. If you want a package for more cameras, you can click the bottom right corner ‘Me’ button-Featured-Cloud Storage for Cameras-Subscribe and purchase the package you need.

Can I be informed when the camera is offline so that I can deal with it immediately?

Yes, enter live view-click top right corner button-turn on the Offline Notification.

How can I share the camera with my family?

1.make sure your family has downloaded the Laview app and registered an account and logged in

2. enter live view-click top right corner button-Share Device-Add sharing, and you can share the camera by inputting your family’s Laview account, or just copy the sharing link and send it to them.

How can I update my camera?

You can enter live view-click top right corner button-find Device Update, and see if there is an available update for the camera. Or you can turn on the Automatic Updates, then when there is an available update, as long as the camera is online, it will be updated automatically.

How do I contact the support team if I have questions about the camera?

There are 3 methods that you can reach our support team

1. Enter the app, click bottom right corner ‘Me’ button-Live Chat, send us an offline message

2. Enter the app, click bottom right corner ‘Me’ button-User Guide & Tutorials-click the bottom ‘Feedback/Suggestions’ to submit us your question

3. Enter live view-click top right corner button-FAQ & Feedback-Unsolved? Send Feedback to submit your question