New Product Launch: Pan/Tilt WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

New Product Launch: Pan/Tilt WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Last time, we introduced the new line of WiFi security cameras hosted here on LaView USA. We showed you our new, convenient indoor cameras as well as our new generation of video doorbell cameras.

Our goal is to provide camera solutions that help you equip every part of your home with the right coverage for you and your family.

This wouldn’t be complete without a selection of outdoor security cameras. Equipping the exterior of your home goes beyond convenient monitoring. It can be an essential provider of evidence as well as a huge deterrent of crime.

That’s why we’re introducing the R12 Pan/Tilt WiFi Outdoor Security Camera. Now available on the LaView USA webstore!

Check out the breakdown of what the R12 has to offer as well as where our line of outdoor home security cameras is headed.


Pan/Tilt WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Find Your Perfect Angle

Equipping your home with outdoor security cameras isn’t always an easy task. Installation points may be trickier, with covered eaves and other unconventional surfaces making for a tougher set up process overall.

The R12 solves these issues by having the ability to pan horizontally in 360° and tilt vertically up to 110°. Being able to choose a custom position for the lens allows you to have more flexibility in where you install the camera.

Even on tricky angled surfaces, you can adjust the position of the lens to capture exactly what you need.


Automatic Motion Tracking - Top-Tier Motion Detection

The best part of having a motorized mechanism for controlling the angle of the lens is that it opens a world of possibilities for smart detection. In this case, our outdoor pan tilt WiFi camera features automatic motion tracking.

That means the R12 will follow any significant motion in its field of view, guaranteeing that you never miss any significant events on your property. This can make all the difference in providing evidence should vandalism or a break-in occur!

Plus, instant motion detection push notifications to your mobile device will alert you to motion events. This provides instant access to your footage and time to assess the situation in real time.

The auto-tracking feature is an optional function, which you can turn on or off at your convenience within the app.


Pan/Tilt WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Hardwired +WiFi - The Best of Both Worlds

Let’s talk about power. With this kind of pan/tilt WiFi outdoor security camera, we decided that it would be best to go with fully wired to power rather than battery powered.

These outdoor security cameras are often placed in high vantage points that can be tricky to install. Once installed, you’ll have a great vantage point, but you won’t want to be climbing up on a high ladder to change out or recharge a battery. For that reason, we decided to go with a wired power source here.

We recommend installing these on the exterior of your home where it will be easy to wire to a nearby power source. Above garages, overlooking driveways where cars are parked or even in the backyard where intruders may try to gain access all make for great installation spots. 

To eliminate the hassle of running data cables, we made the R12 seamlessly connect to your existing WiFi network. So, you get a constantly powered outdoor security camera that conveniently transmits data wirelessly.

If you’re looking for fully-wireless outdoor security cameras, stay tuned for our N11 Rechargeable Battery Camera dropping later this month!