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B10 Outdoor Camera`

B10 Outdoor Camera`

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The #1 best-selling home security camera in the country.


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Advanced Home Surveillance at Your Fingertips

Experience the future of home surveillance with our cutting-edge 360° vision technology. Our advanced solutions provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring every corner of your home is under watchful protection.

Crystal Clear Footage to Elevate Home Security

See every detail with unrivaled clarity. Our home security camera delivers crystal clear footage, empowering you with the sharpest eyes on your property. Enhance your safety and stay in control.

Peace of Mind With Smart Surveillance

Experience complete peace of mind as you monitor and protect your home from anywhere, anytime. Our advanced features and intuitive controls make safeguarding your sanctuary easier than ever before.

Advanced AI Integration

Our smart cameras and sensors are equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, which enables them to distinguish between ordinary events and potential threats. This intelligent system ensures you receive only the most relevant alerts, providing a more accurate and responsive home protection experience. Rest easy knowing your home is safeguarded by the power of AI.

Cloud Storage & SD Card Storage

Our home surveillance system offers the convenience of both cloud storage and SD card storage. With cloud storage, your footage is securely stored offsite, ensuring it's protected even if the camera is tampered with. On the other hand, SD card storage provides a local backup, offering peace of mind in case of network interruptions. Choose the storage option that suits your needs and enjoy seamless data access whenever you need it.

Powerful App

Take charge of your home security like never before with our powerful surveillance app. This intuitive and user-friendly application provides real-time access to your cameras, enabling you to monitor your property from anywhere. From live streaming and instant alerts to customized settings and playback options, our app offers a robust suite of features to ensure you have complete control and peace of mind over your home surveillance system

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B10 Camera

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