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How to Claim Your Free Discs?

Step 1. Post a photo of how a projection image looks like at your home on your social media. Choose a disc that you like the most and tell your friends that they can see this amazing projection picture at home too.


Step 2. Add the following content in your post so that viewers can quickly visit the product page and learn more about this amazing product:

Check it out at :


Step 3. Copy the link of the post and send it to Our customer agent specialist will reply you with the instruction for the free discs within 2 business days.


Disclaimer: Each social media post qualifies for one (1) disc or disc set that is available on This offer only gives away free discs. No projectors will be given away. Qualifying social media channel includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. One customer can only qualify for one free disc/ disc set. Please post your own authentic photo. Use of other people's photo may disqualify your offer. Limited quantity available. Offer valid through May 31st 2022. 


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